Now gather round you punters and bookies here tonight, We want to draw attention to an important oversight, There's a wonder dog in question made coursing history, This hound was named CHIEF HAVOC and is buried by this tree Born a real Australian, won races by the score, With a heart as big as Phar Lap and the brains of trainers galore,
Tonight we all should toast him, a son of GUNNEDAH.

A brave and honest coursing dog, as good ones mostly are, Tonight we should remember him, ​as all here will agree They never breed them better than the old hound by the tree.
And sometimes on a race night, when the bunny starts to whirr, And the traps spring open I'm sure the old CHIEF stirsAnd listens fill the punters have all gone home, Too soon, Then he has a final gallop by the pale light of the moon.

     Full History & Story
Kenneling & Kennels..There is a veterinary service on call for all race meetings. The Kennel block is cooled via evaporative cooling and the
​kennels are on one level. 
Are open between 11.30am-12.30pm for day meetings and 6-6.45pm for night meetings. Trainers are encouraged to confirm
​kenneling time with the Club prior ​to race day.

Race Day Trials..One field trial will be held over each distance prior to the first race. This is open to all grade greyhounds. Field Trials $5 per greyhound

Non Race Day Trials..
Gunnedah conduct trials on Sunday mornings with Summer trials commencing at 8am, and Winter trials at 9am. Private trials may
​be booked through the Club.

Feature Races..Gunnedah conducts one feature race meeting per year, over the June long weekend. The carnival includeds the Chief Havoc
​Centrebet Cup and support events.

Catering & Bar..Gunnedah GBOTA has canteen facilities serving hot meals and a fully licenced bar available for patrons on race nights.

​​Smoking..All enclosed areas are "SMOKE FREE ZONES". Smoking is allowed in open-air areas.                        
Eftpos..​There is no EFTPOS facilities at the Gunnedah track.

​​Nomination Details..Nominations for all meetings at Gunnedah, unless otherwise advertised, close Tuesday prior to Scheduled Race Meetings. ​
​Nominations are Via OZCHASE.

Box Draw..The box draw is conducted by the GRNSW following close of nominations.

Scratchings..Scratchings are taken by the Gunnedah Club on 0417 492 321. DEADLINE FOR SCRATCHINGS is at the close of kenneling ​on day
​of meeting.
Scratchings that are faxed WILL NOT be accepted. Reserves should note close of scratchings and be brought to track where possible.

A​dults $6.60 incl. GST. Concession $4.40 incl. GST. Children under 16 FREE when accompanied by an adult.

​Parking..Parking is available in the surrounding area of the track near kenneling area.

Driving to Gunnedah..From Sydney / Tamworth
On enterting Gunnedah continue to drive into town turning right at Henry Street (Church located on right hand side). Continue along Henry St for four block with
                                       ​the Gunnedah track located on the left hand side. Pass the track and turn left to park behind the kenneling area.

​Driving to Gunnedah..From the West
On enterting Gunnedah continue to drive into town turning left at Henry Street (Church located on right hand side). Continue along Henry St for four block with
                                        ​the Gunnedah track located on the left hand side. Pass the track and turn left to park behind the kenneling area.

​​​Track Records..
347m Niiane's Dream 19.12...440m Buy Plane 24.47...512m Unopposed 29.76...576m Freddy Frecks 32.73 ...840m Senorita Bandita 49.24

​​​Distances Raced..347, 440, 512 and 576 metres.

The Gunnedah Greyhound Racing Club's track is located along Finch Street, Gunnedah, New South Wales. The club has occupied this
​track since the 1960s and is still go strong due to Local Support & Dedication of the regions Greyhound Fraternity.

​The entrance to the Gunnedah Coursing Club's track is marked by a life-size memorial of champion greyhound Chief Havoc.
​This Greyhound is Idolised in Gunnedah, and rightly so.

​​Chief Havoc was acclaimed to be the world's fastest greyhound during the mid-40s, a time following the Second World War.
​Chief Havoc's speed captured the imagination of greyhound lovers and brought crowds to the track in numbers never seen before.

The Gunnedah Greyhound Racing Club's track has a grass surface with a rope drive lure.
​Full canteen facilities are available ​for the enjoyment of patrons.

Gunnedah Services & Bowling Club

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For far too long the Greyhound Fraternity has been seen as a type of Closed Club. We at Gunnedah Greyhound
Racing Club ​have now turned that perception around, by encouraging Public Attendance & a Family Atmosphere where a Day
​at the Races brings on a whole knew meaning. The Gunnedah Greyhound Track belongs to the community to enjoy. We have
​​struggled hard within our region to change the fore-mentioned perception, & going by the recent years attendance, the public are now
re-discovering the Social Event of Greyhound Racing.

We have been overwhelmed with the support of Local Businesses & Groups by way of Sponsorship, enabling us to provide the added
​facilities ​to allow your Day Out with us be a memorable one.​​ Without this Support from the Local Business Community we would find
​ourselves battling ​a economic environment ​​that would make our task of providing Greyhound Racing Entertainment almost impossible.

Therefore, we value our Sponsors above all else & are always open to accepting new interest for sponsorship to enable us to progress
​forward. ​We extend a huge Thank You to those who currently Support the Gunnedah Greyhound Racing Club.​​

We would like to extend a Warm Welcome & a  Invitation to ​all to experience something you have been missing out on. Plan your
​next Social Day out with a difference. 

G.B.O.T.A. Weekly Publication

Copyright 2013 Gunnedah Greyhound Racing Club​
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